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A private English tutor based in Stockport, providing a holistic approach to teaching, giving one-to-one attention on aspects of a student’s English and promote a more positive mindset to learning and reading.


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With UK class sizes at their largest in recent years, teachers don’t have the time to spend with students. Private tutoring is an invaluable way to help students reach their academic goals in one or more specific areas.


Our Philosophy


Collaborative work

Collaboratively working on an individualised study plan

Improved performance

Improved performance at school by building confidence in the subject and improve coursework in class. This in time, will increase motivation, which often leads to an overall improvement in grades. Furthermore, these methods may be transferred to other subjects.


Enhanced understanding

Not all students grasp enhanced understanding because not all students grasps every aspect of a topic before it is time to move on. Private tuition gives students the opportunity to concentrate on those topics that they don’t fully understand. Without understanding the basics, learning gets more and more difficult as time goes on.


Enhanced confidence

Enhanced confidence is built by the one-to-one nature of private tuition, which quickly identifies an area where students may need to improve and encourages them to set their own learning goals.


Time management skills

Private tuition will help improve student’s time management. The biggest challenge students face is how to manage their time effectively. Many students have trouble trying to balance their interests outside of school with homework. A private tutor can help students come up with their own study schedules with suggestions of when, where and how to study.


Our Approach

Hi, my name is Carol Harrison. I’m a highly qualified English teacher and life coach working in education for over 15 years.

YOLO Education’s teaching methodology is to promote active learning, which directly involves students in the learning process. My approach to education draws on positive psychology’s emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning.


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Reading improves your mental health

It’s official reading improves for your mental health and well-being according to leading scientists. My viewpoint is that it’s almost impossible to over-emphasis how wonderful an experience and how valuable reading can be.

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